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Should I Pay or Appeal Civil Enforcement PCN? Easy Guide

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Have you received a parking fine from Civil Enforcement? This can make you feel worried and unsure, but you’re not alone. Each month, more than 32,000 people visit this site for help with tickets and fines.

This guide will give you clear information about:

We know how it feels to get a parking fine; some of us have been there too. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you understand if you should pay or appeal your Civil Enforcement parking fine.

Do I legally have to pay private parking fines?

Parking tickets you get on private land are not legally enforceable, to begin with. But if a court rules you must pay, a parking charge notice is enforceable! So, the operator has to win a case in a small claims court to get you to pay.

How to avoid paying Civil Enforcement parking tickets

If you want to avoid paying a Civil Enforcement parking ticket then you’ll need an airtight appeal.

The best way to perfect your appeal is getting a little advice from a Solicitor. I’d 100% recommend spending a fiver to get a trial of JustAnswer.

You can explain your situation in their chat and they’ll connect you with a Solicitor who can advise you and give you the best chance to win your appeal.

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Should you pay or appeal a Civil Enforcement PCN?

Whether you pay or appeal a Civil Enforcement PCN depends on a few things. For example, did you park badly? Or did you fail to pay? Maybe the operator issued the ticket without giving you a grace period.

When you have enough evidence to have a parking charge cancelled, nothing stops you from appealing the charge. However, it can be risky, so carefully weigh your chances of winning a case.

On the other hand, if you deserve the parking charge and pay the fine within two weeks, you get to pay 40% less!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post about Civil Enforcement PCNs. I hope the information in the article helps you determine whether the parking charge is worth appealing to or not!

Should you appeal a Civil Enforcement PCN?

You could appeal a Civil Enforcement PCN if the operator didn’t serve the parking charge correctly. Or because you feel it’s unjust. Other reasons why you could contest the charge include:

  • You parked correctly
  • You paid the fee to park
  • You were given a ticket before the 10-minute grace period had expired
  • You didn’t own the vehicle when the parking charge was issued
  • The parking charge notice was over a capped amount
  • You got the parking charge through the post more than 14 days after the alleged parking infringement occurred
  • The signage and road markings in the car park were unclear or missing
  • The payment machine was not working, and there was no other way to pay
  • The parking charge arrived through the mail, but there were no signs saying CCTV or ANPR were in operation in the car park
  • A medical emergency meant you couldn’t return to your car in time

Make sure you can back up your appeal with proof. Without enough evidence, Civil Enforcement will reject it!

Civil Enforcement must put things on hold as soon as they receive your appeal against a parking charge notice.

What’s the Civil Enforcement PCN appeals process?

You must appeal a Civil Enforcement PCN within 28 days of the parking charge being issued! But you might want to appeal the charge earlier. Say within 14 days because if the operator rejects it, you might still pay the lesser charge.

The operator should respond within a couple of weeks. Then, Civil Enforcement will either accept your appeal and they should cancel the charge. Or the operator sends you a letter of rejection!

So, should you pay a CE parking charge notice within 14 days?

You could pay a CE parking charge notice within 14 days to benefit from the lower charge. But only pay the parking ticket when you’ve:

  • Checked the details on the parking charge notice are yours
  • Make sure the parking charge arrived within the permitted timeline, which is usually within 14 days of the infringement
  • Established you were allowed ten minutes grace before the parking charge was issued
  • Determined the parking charge was served correctly

What happens if Civil Enforcement rejects your appeal?

The operator sends you a letter rejecting your appeal. But that’s not the end of things. The letter must contain details on how to escalate your appeal to an independent appeals service.

As members of the British Parking Association (BPA), Civil Enforcement is obliged to provide this information when they reject your appeal.

What is the 10-mins grace period?

All accredited car park management companies must abide by a Code of Practice. The code stipulates that motorists must be given 10 minutes grace on returning to their cars.

You could have grounds to appeal if a parking charge notice is issued before the ten minutes are up!

Would you get a CCJ for not paying a CE parking charge notice?

Yes. You might get a CCJ registered on your credit history for failing to pay a CE parking charge notice. You should either pay the fine or appeal the parking charge notice, but never ignore it!

Getting a County Court Judgement will destroy your creditworthiness. You’ll have trouble borrowing, getting a loan or taking out a mortgage!

How do you pay a Civil Enforcement PCN?

You can pay a Civil Enforcement parking charge notice in several ways, which include:

  • Making an online payment option, make sure you provide the parking charge reference number and your vehicle registration number (VRN)
  • Paying over the phone on 0115 822 5020
  • In writing by post


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