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How Much Is a Speeding Fine in the UK?

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How much is a speeding fine in the UK? Here, we are going to answer that and some other questions that you may have about speeding fines. You can also try the speeding fine calculator below:

What happens if you get a speeding ticket?

You will know for sure that you were caught speeding when you recieve a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) and a Section 172 notice.

The minimum penalty for speeding is a fine of £100, and you will also receive three points on your licence as a penalty. In some cases, you may be offered a speed awareness course instead of the points.

After you have received the letter, which should come within 14 days, you will have 28 days to return the Section 172 notification that you have filled out.

The next step is that you will receive either a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) or a letter directing you to appear in court. Both of these steps are optional.

If you are issued an FPN, you will have the option of pleading guilty or not guilty.

If you plead guilty, you are agreeing to pay the fine and have points added to your licence, unless you are given the choice to take a speed awareness course instead of paying the fine and receiving the points.

If you enter a plea of guilty, you will be required to appear in court. If you enter a plea of not guilty and are later found guilty, the number of points and fines you receive will most likely be increased.

How long after the offence will you get your speeding ticket?

After your vehicle was pulled over for speeding, you should wait no longer than 14 days to receive both your Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) and your Section 172 notice.

It can sometimes take longer to get the speeding fine, depending on how you were caught, the police force dealing with it, and other factors that can delay it. 

You might have heard that if you get a speeding ticket more than 14 days after the vehicle you own was photographed speeding, the ticket can be cancelled.  There is some validity to this, but the actual regulations are far more involved than that.

To prove their case, the police only need to show that the ticket should have been delivered to the registered owner of the car within 14 days under normal circumstances. 

This implies that the letter may go to an old address if you have not updated your licence, it could go to a rental business or to your work address if the vehicle is not yours, or it could go to an old address if you have not updated your licence. It is irrelevant if it does not arrive at your address for another two weeks if it is delivered to any of these locations within the first 14 days. It also means that delays caused by postal problems do not affect the rule. 

In addition, the day of the speeding violation is not included in the 14-day period.

How much will you need to pay for your speeding fine?

Speed limit (mph) Band A Recorded Speed Band B Recorded Speed Band C Recorded Speed
20 21-30 31-40 41+
30 31-40 41-50 51+
40 41-55 56-65 66+
50 51-65 66-75 76+
60 61-80 81-90 91+
70 71-90 91-100 101+
FINE        25-75% of weekly income 75 – 125% of weekly income 125 – 175% of weekly income
POINTS  3 4-6 9
DRIVING BANS 7-28 days 7-56 days

The maximum possible penalty is £1,000, although it increases to £2,500 if the violation occurred on a motorway.

Do I need to go to court for a speeding ticket?

If you go over the speed limit by a large enough amount, you’ll have to go to court. If you fail to show up in court for your hearing, the judge will very probably find you guilty of the offence.

If you get a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP), you can either plead guilty and agree to pay the fine and points, or you can fight the charges. There is no need for you to appear in court.

You also have the option of pleading not guilty, in which case you will be required to appear in court.

In this situation, you are the only one who can decide if you want to take the path that will require you to go to court. It is possible that if you go to court and are found guilty, both your fine and the number of points you receive will be greater than they would have been if you had accepted the NIP.

Will a speeding ticket increase my insurance premium?

If you rack up points on your licence for speeding, your insurance company will have to charge you a higher premium. Because of this, your insurance costs will go up.

Insurance companies will look at your age, where you live, the type of car you drive, and any other information about you that they think is important when figuring out how much your insurance will cost. The amount will be determined based on this information.

Depending on how many points you have, your monthly premium will go up by a larger amount.

Your insurance rate will remain the same if you take a course to raise awareness about the dangers of speeding, which can be taken in lieu of receiving points on your licence.


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