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Parking Control Management – Pay or Appeal

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Have you got a parking fine from Parking Control Management? Not sure whether to pay or appeal? You’ve come to the right place. Each month, more than 130,000 people visit our website seeking advice on fines and parking tickets.

In this easy-to-understand article, we’ll cover: 

  •  The basics of Parking Control Management.
  •  Whether you need to pay parking control fines.
  •  How you can appeal a parking ticket.
  •  The role of the British Parking Association in appeals.
  •  The repercussions of unpaid parking fines.

Which? found that, despite 78% of members deeming private parking fines unfair, many don’t contest due to low confidence in appeal success.1 Don’t worry; we’re here to share our knowledge and help you through this process.

Parking Control Management – should I pay or appeal a Parking Charge Notice?

You could challenge a Parking Charge Notice if you didn’t break the rules or because the operator failed to follow the Code of Practice.

It costs you nothing to file an informal appeal against an operator. Plus, it prevents them from taking further action until a decision is made.

However, suppose you were in the wrong and parked without paying or obeying the operator’s rules.

In that case, you may be better off paying the fine and moving on!

Appealing a Parking Charge Notice

A mentioned earlier, you can appeal a Parking Charge Notice and have the right to do so if:

  • You got the fine through the post over 14 days after you parked a vehicle on private land
  • You were parked correctly
  • No signs or road markings were visible
  • Your fine was over £100
  • You couldn’t return to your vehicle because you are disabled, have a young infant with you, or are pregnant. UK law does not allow for discrimination!
  • You were not driving when the fine was issued
  • No mandatory 10-minute grace period was given before getting the Parking Charge Notice
  • The fine was sent by post, but there weren’t any signs saying there was ANPR or CCTV in operation at the car park

Appeal Process Steps

If you want to appeal your parking ticket, it’s crucial to understand the process. That’s why I’ve created this table that outlines the steps you should take.

For more information on the appeal process, please check out our complete guide.

Keep in mind that if the operator rejects your appeal, you also have the right to appeal to the Independent Appeals Service (IAS).

Moreover, the operator must abide by their decision if they uphold your appeal against the Parking Charge Notice.

Make sure you provide as much supporting evidence as possible when you contest a parking ticket. And keep copies of everything for your records.

Can I ignore private parking fines?

I suggest you do not ignore a Parking Charge Notice or any correspondence you receive.

It is wiser to deal with the problem whether you choose to pay the fine or file an informal appeal. Plus, I suggest you check out the Parking Charge Notice validity.

When you file an appeal with the operator, they cannot start proceedings against you until they reject it or uphold it.

Then you have the option to file an appeal with an independent appeals service.

Why you could get a Parking Charge Notice

Private landowners and operators must abide by the Code of Practice if they are members of the British Parking Association (BPA).

When they do not, and you receive a Parking Charge Notice, you might have the right to contest the fine.

You could receive a parking fine on private land if you:

  • Don’t pay
  • Overstay the time you are allotted
  • Didn’t park correctly in an allocated bay
  • Used a bay designated for people with children or the disabled

That said, private landowners, such as Parking Control Management or PPS Parking, must erect signs that explain the Terms and Conditions of using their car parks.

If there aren’t clear and visible signs, you can’t be in breach of the contract. Therefore, you should be given a Parking Charge Notice.

The repercussions of unpaid parking fines

There could be far-reaching repercussions if you ignore correspondence from Management Parking Control and don’t pay.

Apart from getting a County Court Judgement on your credit file, you may have to deal with a debt collection agency.

In a worst-case scenario, enforcement agents (bailiffs) could get involved and seize some of your possessions.

Can I get CCJ for an unpaid private parking ticket?

Yes, if the operator takes you to court and wins, a judge will order you to pay the fine.

When you ignore a County Court Judgement (CCJ), a record of it will remain on your credit history for six years if you don’t pay the CCJ within 30 days.

A CCJ on your credit history will affect your ability to get future loans, credit cards or a mortgage!

Never ignore any court correspondence you receive.

It’s best to deal with the problem because it won’t go away, and things can quickly get harder to settle.

In short, it’s wiser to either pay the fine or appeal it by following the correct procedure.

Parking Control Management Contact Details

Address: Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd.
The Courtyard, 1a Cranbourne Road, Slough, Berkshire SL1 2XF
Phone: 01753 512603
Website: https://www.parkingcontrolmanagement.co.uk/


  1. Which? – The rise of private parking fines


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