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Parking on Pavement Fine – What You Need to know

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Have you got a fine for parking on the pavement and are unsure what to do next? This article is here to help. Every month, over 130,000 people come to our website for guidance on fines and parking tickets, which is unsurprising, as the DVLA reports that over 11 million parking tickets were issued last year, which is up by 29% year on year!1

In this easy-to-understand guide, we’ll focus on:

  •  If it’s against the law to park on the pavement in the UK.
  •  If you must pay the fine for parking on the pavement.
  •  How to appeal a pavement parking fine.
  •  Ways to avoid getting a fine for pavement parking.

We know that getting a private parking fine can be a big worry. But don’t worry; this guide is designed to answer all your questions. From understanding if it’s illegal to park on the pavement to knowing how much you can be fined for it, we’ve got you covered.

So, let’s get started on clearing up your concerns about pavement parking fines.

Is parking on the pavement illegal (UK)?

Parking on the pavement is only considered illegal in London but not in the rest of the UK.

At the time of writing, drivers who park on the pavement in London, including just one or two of their vehicle’s wheels, can be issued a Penalty Charge Notice under the UK Transport Act.

London Borough Council parking rules stipulate this quite clearly.

However, it should also be said that Scotland is a pioneer in banning parking on pavements nationwide.

The laws haven’t come into force yet although there is a legal provision in the Transport (Scotland) Act 2019 at section 50.

Moreover, new laws will be coming into effect that will introduce a pavement parking ban throughout the UK

However, local councils have the power to enforce pavement parking fines in the UK in specific areas for specific reasons.

It includes parking on pavements.

As such, you should always follow UK parking regulations about leaving a vehicle on a pavement no matter where you are.

The RAC found that the number of parking tickets being issued is up by nearly 30%! The report also found that misleading and deliberately confusing signage in private car parks is part of the problem.2

Is there a new law about parking on the pavement?

Consultations have started to take place to expand the current laws to the rest of the UK.

So it won’t just be London drivers who need to be mindful of parking – partially or wholly – on the pavement. 

Can you get fined for parking on the pavement (UK)?

You can be issued a fine for parking on the pavement in London.

The Penalty Charge Notice will usually be served by a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) working for one of the London Borough councils.

In short, UK parking enforcement is typically carried out by CEOs.

The only exception is when signage states you can park when loading and unloading on pavement is part of a job.

I was recently featured in The Sun about parking tickets, where I encouraged everyone to check whether the ticket was issued by a member of a trade association. If they aren’t, then they probably can’t get your details from the DVLA to pursue you.

How much can you be fined for pavement parking?

You can be issued a penalty notice from a London council if you park partially or wholly on the pavement in London. 

The fine is currently set at £70.

But the driver only has to pay £35 if they pay within 14 days.

If you don’t pay within 28 days, the fine is increased to £105, and the matter can even escalate into a court order.

Can you park on the pavement outside your home?

Even if you’re slightly parked on the pavement outside of your own home, you could still be issued a £70 penalty.

Check out what happened to one motorist below>

Source: Moneysavingexpert

Can I appeal a pavement parking fine?

You can†appeal a pavement parking fine†if you believe it’s unfair.

You file your appeal with the issuing local council online or by post.

The details can be found online or on the ticket you received.

That said, if you decide to make any parking disputes in the UK, you could lose out on paying the discounted amount.

You have 28 days to file your appeal. But I suggest you do so earlier, say within 14 days.

If the council rejects your appeal, you may still be able to†pay the reduced amount.

Here’s how the appeal process works.


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