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How to Appeal a Tesco Parking Fine – Should You Pay?

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Have you received a parking fine from Tesco? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Each month, our website is visited by over 32,000 people who want to understand their tickets and fines. 

In this article, we’ll answer key questions, providing the information you need:

  •  Why Tesco gives parking fines
  •  Who runs the Tesco car park
  •  How to avoid paying Tesco parking fines
  •  If Tesco parking fines are enforceable
  •  How to appeal a Tesco parking fine

We understand that receiving a parking fine can be worrying. You might be concerned about the impact of not paying on your finances or potential legal action. But with the correct knowledge, you can make an informed decision.

We’re here to help you understand how to handle your Tesco parking fine. Let’s dive in!

Why would you get a Tesco parking fine?

A Tesco parking charge notice is not a fine. It’s an invoice raised by the operator who manages a Tesco car park. So, why would the operator give you a parking ticket?

You’d get a ticket for any of the following reasons:

  • You didn’t follow the T&Cs for using the car park
  • You left your car in a disabled bay or one designated for families with children
  • You overstayed the permitted time to park for free
  • You didn’t park correctly
  • You failed to pay the fee to park (if it’s a paying car park)

Are Tesco parking fines enforceable?

A Tesco parking fine is issued by Horizon, who should follow a code of practice when they give you a ticket. However, these parking tickets are not enforceable because they are not backed by UK law. In short, parking charge notices fall under contractual law.

The parking ticket is an invoice to inform you of the intended legal action.

It’s a civil matter between the operator Horizon and you, the motorist/shopper! A parking ticket on private land becomes enforceable only when a court orders you to pay.

So, the operator must take you to court and win the case!

What should you do when given a Tesco parking fine?

First, tell the store manager about the parking fine when you feel it’s unfair. Next, if you have no joy with the manager, file an appeal with Horizon, the operator. Make sure you follow their appeals procedure.

Were you given a grace period before the parking fine was issued?

The charge should be cancelled if you weren’t given a 10-minute grace period before a Tesco parking fine is issued.

Private operators are not supposed to issue a parking ticket to you before the grace period is up!

Should you pay a Tesco parking fine straight away?

No. Not before you check that all the parking ticket details are correct and that you got it within the time limit.

This is usually 14 days after the alleged parking infringement.

Only pay a Tesco parking fine once you’re happy that all the information on the parking charge is correct. And that the parking ticket was issued according to the code of practice!

Should you appeal a Tesco parking fine?

You’ve got the right to appeal a Tesco parking fine when you feel it’s wrong. However, first, tell the Tesco store manager about the ticket. They may cancel it to keep you happy!

But if you get no joy from speaking with the store manager, you can take the matter up with Horizon, the operator. Follow their appeals procedure which you can do online. The information should also be on the parking ticket you received or given.

Send your appeal to Horizon as soon as possible, so a decision is made sooner rather than later!

Make sure you appeal the ticket early, but the deadline is 28 days.

What’s a good reason to appeal a Tesco parking fine?

There are several good reasons why you should challenge a Tesco parking fine which I’ve listed below:

  • You only received the parking ticket in the post 14 days after you allegedly committed a parking infringement
  • You parked correctly, so no ‘rules’ were broken
  • The road markings and signs were unclear
  • An emergency prevented you from getting back to your car in time
  • Your car broke down, and you were waiting for a recovery truck
  • The parking ticket was issued before the 10-minute grace period was up
  • The parking ticket arrived in the mail, but there were no signs saying CCTV was in operation in the car park

Gather as much evidence as possible to send with your appeal. It’ll make a stronger case for having the Tesco parking fine cancelled.

Should you ignore a Tesco parking fine?

No. It’s not a good idea to ignore a Tesco parking fine. Horizon, the operator, will chase you for the payment. First, you’ll get nasty letters asking you to pay. Then, the operator could send your details to a debt collector when you continue to ignore things.

Horizon could take you to court and get an order for you to pay the Tesco parking fine. Not a good situation to deal with! Especially when the operator wins the case and bailiffs get involved!

Moreover, you could get a County Court Judgement recorded on your credit history. A CCJ could ruin your chances of borrowing money or getting a mortgage.


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