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How to Avoid a Speeding Ticket – Updated Laws & Guide

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Did you just get a speeding ticket and don’t know what to do? You’re not alone! In fact, over 130,000 people visit our website for guidance every month.

We understand that getting a speeding ticket can be frustrating. This guide will help you understand:

  • What a speeding ticket really is.
  • If you need to pay a speeding ticket right away.
  • How to question a ticket if you think it’s not fair.
  • Times when you might not have to pay your ticket.
  • What could happen if you choose not to pay your ticket.

We’re here to help you through each step of the way. Remember, every situation is different, and this guide is a good place to start. We hope it helps you make the best choice for you.

Let’s dive in and discuss your options.

How to avoid speeding fines in the UK

The most effective way to avoid speeding fines in the UK is to make sure that you drive safely and conservatively – and always follow road signs. 

  • Try not to become overly familiar with some roads, as these can be prime places for people to drive too quickly. 
  • If your car can limit the speed, use this all the time. Check your car’s manual to see if you have a speed limiter in the car and how to set it up. 
  • When using a SATNAV, ensure that you have allowed speed notifications so that you are alerted to the legal speed limit and your speed. 
  • Pay attention when your SAT NAV tells you there are speed cameras coming up. 
  • Use cruise control if available to maintain a steady speed. 

The answer to the question of how to avoid a speeding ticket in the UK is to adhere to what you were taught in your driving lessons and drive safely and responsibly

How can I avoid getting points on a speeding ticket?

To avoid getting points on a speeding ticket, you must have committed what is considered a minor offence and be offered a speed awareness course

You may be offered a speed awareness course if you have not been convicted of other speeding offences in the last three years and were not going more than 10% plus two mph over the limit.†

Is a speed awareness course worth it?

Yes. As I see it, if the authorities offer you a speed awareness course instead of a fine and penalty points, you should consider attending.

That said, you must attend the course because if you don’t, you will be fined and get penalty points on your licence.

That said, it’s up to the authorities whether you get his option and whether you’ve already attended a course in the last three years.

How to avoid paying a speeding ticket

One of the best ways to avoid paying your speeding fine is if you are offered the opportunity to take a speed awareness course.

When offered the speed awareness course, while you will need to pay for it, you will no longer have to pay the fine.

Are there mitigating circumstances for breaking the speed limit in the UK?

Receiving a speeding ticket in the case of an emergency and you were rushing someone to the hospital may be a mitigating circumstance.

You will need to provide details of the events and proof that supports this when you return the NIP to the police. 

However, speeding is against the law, and it’s taken very seriously in the UK.

Should I pay or appeal my speeding fine? 

Unlike appealing parking fines and parking tickets, overturning an FPN is difficult. 

You can read more about how to contest a speeding ticket or what you can do if your speeding fine doesn’t arrive after 14 days. 

How much is a speeding fine?

The minimum penalty for speeding is £100, and three points are added to your licence.

If you accrue more than 12 points on your licence (from speeding and other offences), you can lose your licence and be disqualified from driving

You can use my free speeding fine calculator to get an estimate of how much your speeding fine will be.

What happens when the police stop you for speeding?

If the police stop you, they will decide one of the following: 

  • Send a letter ordering you to go to court about the offence
  • Issue you an FPN there, or send one via post
  • Give you a verbal warning 

What happens if you are caught speeding on camera?

You will receive a notification through the post saying that you were caught speeding.

You’ll get the following: 

You must send the Section 172 notice back within 28 days to say who was driving the car.

This is because it may not be the vehicle’s owner who was driving. 

After the Section 172 Notice is received, you will be sent one of the following: 

  • A letter telling you to go to court
  • FPN – Fixed Penalty Notice

Can you contest a speeding ticket?

You might disagree with the speeding ticket, and there are some reasons the fine can be overturned: 

  • There was no signage of the speed limit
  • The vehicle was not yours 
  • The car was stolen
  • You were not speeding

Your local police force may accept informal appeals for speeding tickets, while others might not.

You can appeal using the information on the Fixed Penalty Notice. 

Will a speeding ticket go on my record?

Don’t worry; you don’t need to wonder how to avoid a speeding ticket on your record.

Being caught speeding and issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice will not go on your criminal record

The situation changes if you avoid paying the speeding ticket beyond the 28-day limit or do not attend the speed awareness course. 

If you ignore these things, are taken to court and are found guilty, this will be recorded as a criminal conviction

However, you must let your insurance know you have speeding tickets.

If you don’t declare speeding fines to your insurer, your policy is invalid, and future claims can be turned down

Will a speeding ticket affect my insurance?

Yes, getting a speeding ticket will mean you pay more for your car insurance.

The more serious the speeding offence, the higher premium you’ll likely have to pay.


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